Papelbon II

Ugh, take a look at this article I found via It basically reinforces what I’ve been saying for quite some time: trade Papelbon because his effectiveness is in decline. Actually it says don’t trade FOR Papelbon, for the same reason. It also finishes with this lovely thought:

Papelbon is making $13 million this year.

And next.

And the year after that.

And, if he finishes 55 games in 2015 or 100 in 2014-15, he’ll make another $13 million in 2016

So, there are many reasons why the Red Sox (and the Tigers and other teams looking for bullpen help) are in no rush to give up prospects and spend big money to acquire Pap, as much fun as he is to have around.

And I don’t like the argument “well, after their next TV contract is signed, they can afford to keep these bad contracts on the books, etc. etc.”. That is a terrible way to run a ballclub. You want to maximize what you get for what you pay for regardless of how much money you have. That attitude will catch up with you very quickly. It’s hubris, for sure. Look, I’ve been wrong on guys before, but I was against this signing when it happened. If not this year (because who is going to want him now?), then they really need to looking into trading Papelbon in the off-season.

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