Be My Guest…

Wow, Papelbon is quickly becoming the worst signing in recent memory for the Phillies, and not just for his performance this year. Take a look at this article on  I’m trying to figure out if he’s doing this on purpose to get himself traded of if he’s just clueless. Here are some key passages:

“I definitely didn’t come here for this,” the Phillies’ closer told’s Todd Zolecki.

So what does Papelbon think it’s going to take to turn the team around and to get back into contention?

“Oh, man,” he said. “We could be here all day.

“It’s going to take, in my opinion, a lot. And in my opinion, I think it’s going to have to be something very similar to what the Red Sox went through a couple years ago. From top to bottom.”

When asked if he wants to be traded out of Philadelphia, he replied: “No, I would like to stay here. But if I’m going to have to put up with this year after year, then no, I don’t want to be here. Why would you? Why would anybody?”

First, of all he’s had a bad year and should not be saying anything remotely like this. Second, what did he come here for? Uh, maybe the $63 million contract he is getting for pitching one inning every few days and then whining about how he’s tired. I think that’s what he came here for. Third, what could it take to turn the team around? Trading him is first on the list.  I can’t believe the guy has the nerve to say he couldn’t “put up” with being here after the year he’s had and the money he is making.  There’s few things more annoying than under-preforming, over-paid athletes whining about the fans or the fortunes of their team.  Unbelievable…unbelievable!

Players will complain about fans turning on them so quickly, but how about players turning on the team? It wasn’t too long ago free agents were coming here because it was the “place to win”.  Now, apparently, it’s the place to get over paid, stink it up, and whine. Papelbon needs to get honest. Look in the mirror, dude, the problem is you.

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