Trade Rumors Du Jour

So much going on right now with trade rumors. Much of which is probably half-true or not true. According to WIP (which got its info from CBS sports Jon Heyman), Jayson Stark, and, this is the latest:

  • One GM said Papelbon is “untradable”. I think we knew that already. He is very ordinary right now with an extraordinary contract. Jayson Stark reports that the Phillies have been asking teams about Papelbon for a while but it is unlikely he will be traded unless the Phillies pay some part of his contract.
  • The asking price for Lee is very high which includes multiple prospects and the other team paying his whole contract. Reportedly the Dodgers haven’t been talking to the Phillies about Lee. You may remember they claimed him off waivers last year. The Dodgers payroll is over $220 million, so I wonder how far they can push that. .
  • Utley is not on the market right now as the team is trying to work on an extension with him (at some point I will comment on this)
  • Michael Young is open to going to “almost any contender”. It’s pretty obvious he won’t be on the Phillies by August 1st. I happen to be going to that game, maybe I will get to see Cody Asche’s debut.
  • The Phillies have been reluctant to trade Ruiz for some reason.
  • The Phillies have “quietly” gauging interest in Rollins, but as we know he can block any deal and wants to pad his numbers as a Phillie.


That’s it for now. But things change quickly this time of year.

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