Lotsa Lefties

Here’s a interesting article from David Murphy of the Daily News showing that the Phillies will probably have at least five left-handed hitters, plus Jimmy Rollins, a switch hitter who is weaker batting right-handed. Murphy writes that no NL team has ever had six lefties with more than 400 at-bats in a season and only two had five. Murphy uses this as a reason why the Phillies should not resign Chase Utley, a left-handed batter. Murphy suggests that while there are no better second base candidates out there, it might be better to have a lesser right-handed hitting second baseman so the team could sign a good right-handed hitting outfielder like Shin-Soo Choo. It’s an interesting question, although they could just sign Utley and Choo and got all-crazy on the lefties. However, he has a quote from Amaro stating that it’s a goal of his to get the lineup more balanced.

Another possibility that Murphy does not mention, maybe because it is a bit of a longshot, is that Cesar Hernandez could play center next year and they could trade Revere. They do have Hernandez playing center now. Hernandez and Revere are very similar players, but Hernandez is a righty. However, Hernandez, while a decent prospect, is an unproven commodity and Revere, although with zero power and sometimes shaky defense, is a prove .290-.310 hitter.

Since this was a David Murphy article, I will nitpick one thing. Murphy states that the reason that there have been so few lefty-dominated lineups is because teams want a balanced lineup. While teams do want balanced lineups, according to several sources, only 10% of the population is left-handed, so I think that is probably a bigger reason. It is amazing, though, how many left-handed hitters the Phillies have.

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