Trade Deadline

I never posted my thoughts about the Phillies lack of action at the trade deadline. Like most fans, I am disappointed nothing happened. It was pretty shocking that not even Michael Young was moved. Like a friend of mine has said the Phillies should have taken a tuna casserole for him. He’s not in their future plans whatsoever, so why hang on to him?

However, Ruben Amaro did state after the deadline had passed that there were still moves that would be made. He could possibly be referring to a trade of a player that makes enough that he would not be claimed on waivers, and therefore could be traded. All players traded after the deadline have to clear waivers, so only players who are terrible or highly paid usually make it through. To me, this could only mean Cliff Lee. However, Amaro could also be talking about making moves in the off season. Of course, M. Young will no longer be a part of the team by that point, but other players could possibly be traded. Amaro is going to have to do something, but it’s going to be difficult. It’s hard to see how this team can possibly be better next year.

As for Utley, he was off the market. I can’t blame Amaro for this, although he should have at least fielded offers. The Phillies don’t have any other better options for second, including free agency, so it would seem he would have to be resigned. Two years with an option for a third sounds reasonable.

Frankly, though, I don’t have much confidence in Amaro to rebuild this team. He hasn’t been able to assemble a bullpen or a bench since he’s been in control of the team. And this team needs a lot of assembly, that’s for sure. He stayed with D. Young for too long, as well. I would much rather have Pat Gillick making decisions for the team.

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