Jimmy Poppins

Good article here from Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News about Jimmy Rollins and his poor play this year. Here are the stats (since the All-Star break):

Rollins is hitting .214 with a .252 OBP. Entering yesterday, Rollins’ .569 OPS ranked 189th out of the 210 major leaguers with at least 80 plate appearances since the break.¬†Rollins’ slump actually extends farther back than the break – he’s hitting .219 with a .253 OBP since the end of June. He also has more errors (nine) than triples and home runs combined (seven) this season.

As we all know, the Phillies can’t trade Rollins without his permission. Lawrence suggests that it would be “difficult” to see the Phillies talking to Rollins about sharing some playing time with Galvis, but that is what they might have to do. Rollins is one of those veterans on the club who just aren’t playing well enough to have the team win, but cannot be traded. He’s one of the guys that Amaro seems to think can still play well enough for the team to compete as he has said several times. Of course, he has to say that because there are no other options.

There is not much help in the free agency pool this off-season, so if the Phillies are going to improve it will have to be by trade or a veteran having one last good year or young guy having a career year. I will write more about off-season strategy when the season is over, but I am afraid that Amaro’s strategy is merely keeping the status quo.

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