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   A bunch of things in the news lately about the Phils, mostly about the manager. Here’s a Q&A with Sandberg regarding trying to turn Jimmy Rollins into a contact hitter. Okay, stop laughing now. The folks over at SB Nation are doubters with a clever title to their article: “Sandberg Shuffles the Deck Chairs on the S.S. Jimmy Rollins”. It would be pretty shocking if Jimmy could make that shift, but Sandberg believes it can be done. I mean, they went through a few hitting coaches, and their approach has actually gotten worse. I find it hard to believe that Charlie didn’t try to do something along those lines, but maybe this will be different. Speaking of Charlie, he’s an homage to Charlie the person by Matt Gelb of the Inquirer. It’s nice. You can see why people like Charlie so much. 

  Sandberg seems like a good guy, but had long been accused of being too quiet by his peers when he was playing. In this interesting Bob Brookover column he writes about how Sandberg has had to learn not to take the game so seriously and talk to people more. Really, it kind of reminds me of Utley a little bit. Here’s a good quote from Shawon Dunston who played shortstop with the Cubs:

People think we were tight just because we played together. Me and [Mark] Grace were tight. But me and Ryno? No way. All those years I lockered next to him, he probably said no more than 10 to 15 words to me a day. And most of those were on pop-ups. He’d say, ‘You take it,’ and I’d say, ‘I got it.’ 


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