Hi folks, I was away for a while so I didn’t post much, and I don’t have much time right now, but I do want to write a few things. I listened to most of the game today, so I don’t have all the details about Doc’s performance. I know his velocity was still down. While he may get a few ticks back, I can’t see it getting all that much higher. If he can get his location and movement back, that will not be as big of a deal. It seems to me he did okay today. I think we have to consider he was supposed to be throwing in the minors today. From what I’ve heard, he had pretty good movement and he did beat a pretty good team. Of course, he was saved from a home run by Roger Bernadina, too. All in all, it’s good he didn’t get hammered, but as I heard a writer on the radio say, in his last start before he was shut down, he only gave up two hits. Plus, he’s going to have to have a higher strikeout rate if he wants to have success. He only struck out two in six innings. So I think the jury is still out, and we’ll need the rest of the year to get a good idea of what Halladay is now all about and if he can still be effective.

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