Phillies Finally Sign Cuban Pitcher

It took a while, but the Phillies have finally signed right-handed pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez. They ended up signing him to a much smaller contract, reportedly because of concerns about his arm. Ruben Amaro didn’t inspire much confidence when he said they were “comfortable enough” with the physical information they had to sign him. It’s only a three-year deal instead of the earlier six year, and is worth a guaranteed $12 million. You can read more about it here.

I feel better with this deal than the original. Six years is a VERY long deal for a pitcher who has never thrown in the majors. It’s risky enough when someone is established, just ask the Giants about Barry Zito. So, we’ll see what this guys has next year I guess. No doubt he’ll be expected to make the team out of spring training. Even if he is bad, I guess he will have to be with the team when they are paying him that amount of money.

In other news, the Phillies are said to be interested in Edinson Volquez according to various reports. He was placed on waivers by the Reds. I really don’t get this one. It seems to be another in the long line of players the Phillies have signed or had interest in that are just not that good. Volquez had one decent year and later had Tommy John surgery. I could see if he was really good at one point, but he never was. The same goes for Delmon Young, Roger Bernadina, John McDonald, etc. If you’re going to sign someone who is coming off an injury you can get cheaply, it really should be someone who was really good at one time. Voquez is only 30, but his career ERA is 4.77.

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