Who’s On Third

Here’s an article about Sandberg endorsing Cody Asche for third base next year, calling him the “leading candidate”.  This is true, of course, he is the leading candidate. Asche has had a decent few months in the big league, especially in the field. He has shown flashes at the plate, but is currently hitting just .247 after a slump. He has shown some power, hitting five home runs. That works out to about 20 for a full season. Obviously, it will be good if he could hit for a higher average next year.

As I wrote several weeks ago, and this was mentioned in the article, I would not be surprised to see Maikel Franco at third, maybe not next year, but soon. I wouldn’t be totally shocked, though, if Franco makes the competition interesting in spring training next year. He’s a long shot, because he hasn’t played at AAA, and hasn’t even had a full year at AA, but he just has such a great season. He looks like the real deal offensively and is right-handed. I know they gave him some time at first base, but Howard is obviously not going anywhere for several years unless he somehow has a great year and they can move him afterwards. If Franco is the real deal, they have to get that right-handed power bat in the lineup.

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