The Biggest Problem With The Phillies Bullpen: Papelbon

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is a nice article in the Daily News about the Phillies bullpen. Ryan Lawrence notes that forming a bullpen is an inexact science. True. He also notes the Phillies scouts have let them down in that department. Also true.  Lawrence states Papelbon could be an “unmitigated disaster” next year. This is due to his salary, his performance, and his attitude.

However, my favorite part of the article is when Amaro states he has “no idea what to expect” from Mike Adams next year. You know, the guy they signed because they thought he would be a top-shelf setup guy.

So, you really need to come into next season with no expectations for this team.

When I get a chance I will be grading all the Phillies main players on their performance last year. So, hopefully I can get that out to my loyal readers when I get a chance.

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