Odds and Ends

Here is Todd Zolecki (via MLBtraderumors.com) answering questions from readers. A trade for David Price is brought up by Zolecki, but I think that would take too much to get him. Signing Ubaldo Jiminez is also brought up, but I would stay away from him. He had a bounce-back year, but walks too many guys. His WHIP is too high for me. Zolecki also says the Phillies need to give Howard a chance against left-handed pitching before they start platooning. That’s probably true, but not a big chance, because he is terrible against lefties. You can read the whole thing here.

If you click on the mlbtraderumors link you can see an article about the Braves shopping Uggla. Who would take Uggla after last season? The article also states that the Braves can’t afford signing guys like Uggla and Upton to bad deals. Those two guys are why I was so surprised the Braves won the division. But I guess that shows you how bad the division was.

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