He Said Yes!

The Phillies have finally found a pitching coach after many weeks, about 12 interviews, several of them turning the Phillies down, Wally Joyner leaving, returning, then leaving again and Chooch resigning. He does have a very nice mustache, so maybe the Phillies could use it in their marketing. The poor guy was in the same dugout as Bobby Valentine in Boston, so I’m sure he can handle adversity well.

I think it’s interesting the Phillies didn’t hire Rod Nichols, the bullpen coach last year and former AAA pitching coach in their system. If I recall correctly, he has been praised by several Phillies pitchers over the years, including the great Brett Myers. Nichols is back as bullpen coach.

Of course, in the end, it’s the pitchers who will make him look good or bad, but I do think pitching coaches can have the most impact of any coach on a baseball team. And I think Dubee did a really nice job while he was here, better than any pitching coach I can remember. He seemed to have a plan, and was not afraid to give some tough love to the pitchers. So, we’ll see about this guy. He’s going to have to be part therapist, too, as the pitchers may need it with this lineup the Phillies still have.

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