Ruben Loves Versatility

If you can play more than one position, you can probably get a contract with the Phillies no matter how bad you are. The most infamous example, of course, is the legendary Michael “Mini-Mart” Martinez who kept being recalled to Philadelphia despite being the worst hitter in Phillies history since 1919. You may have heard that the ball didn’t go very far back then.

Now we have Amaro saying it was a given that John Mayberry, Jr. would be offered a contract.  Now, I know Mayberry is not going to make or break the season and I know the Phillies are trying to save money here and there, but Amaro’s comments are the most troubling part:

“Any player who can hit 14 home runs in this day and age off the bench in limited at-bats and have the versatility he does … there was no thought to non-tendering him.”

“This day and age” was actually 2012. He had a really nice half-season in 2011 but since then it’s been steadily downhill. The past two years his OPS has been .695 and .677 with an OBP of .301 and .286. That’s really bad. So sure he hit 14 home runs, but can’t get on base. But then again, Ruben doesn’t care about walks, does he?

Meanwhile, a guy (Darin Ruf) who also hit 14 home runs, but more recently, and can play first and left field while getting on base at a very respectable rate, may be in danger of not being on the team next year. I don’t get it.

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