What, Me Worry?

I really wanted to believe the Phillies when they said Cole was okay, I really did. But now with this latest news that his shoulder is fatigued, it’s not looking good. At this point I wouldn’t be shocked to see Hamels pitch sparingly this year. Throwing 35 pitches felt like “a thousand” according to Hamels who is now shut down again.

Amaro, for his part, is doing his best Alfred E. Neuman impression saying he is not concerned. Of course he wasn’t concerned when Utley was hurt two years ago, when Halladay was hurt, etc., etc. But don’t worry, Phillies fans, Jeff Manship has been throwing well in camp. He worked with his college coach over the winter and his 6.42 career ERA and 1.6 WHIP are behind him.

Recently I wrote about possible candidates for the 5th starter spot. Corey Seidman of CSNPhilly added a “dark horse” candidate, a guy named Mario Hollands. Seidman writes that he has a career 3.93 ERA in the minors, but fails to mention that outside of two good years in A ball, his numbers are bad. Those two years brought his career numbers down, so he hasn’t had much success outside of A ball.

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