Pap Is Happy…

…for now, that is. Papelbon has stated that he’d be surprised if the Phillies don’t have a “top 5” bullpen this year. I don’t think it’s totally out of the question as they have some good, young pitchers in there (not that that does not include him). What piqued my interest in this article, however, is the following quote from Papelbon:

“I will be surprised if we’re not a top five bullpen in all of baseball. There’s way too much talent here. All we were waiting on was the experience and now these guys have it.

That begs the question: well, if it was just experience, then how does that explain your terrible year last year? Right? Yes, his stats for the year might look decent, but his save percentage and second half do not. But, it’s spring, time for optimism, right? To be fair, the younger guys in the bullpen have said he’s really helped them this spring, which is nice to hear. Hopefully he can be better this year and keep his trap shut.

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