Yep, That’s Pretty Much It…

CBS has been going through all the teams stating what it likes and dislikes about each one as well as making predictions. The one about the Phillies was pretty much spot on, especially when it came to Ruben Amaro. It’s something that I don’t think you’d see in a local paper because it would burn bridges, but there is what the guy wrote about him:

 I take no delight in impugning someone’s work, but Amaro is pretty clearly the worst GM in baseball today. The fact that he has presided over such a post-Pat Gillick decline wouldn’t be held against him so strongly if he’d recognize the glaring need for a rebuild. Besides misunderstanding the success cycle, Amaro has handed out some of the worst contracts in recent memory, the inexplicable deals of Ryan Howardand Jonathan Papelbon among them. The Phils badly need a front-office reboot.

On this blog I have certainly criticized Ruben Amaro, but I’ve never gone quite that far, but I think the guy is right. More specifically the “misunderstanding the success cycle” is what I like most about what he wrote because it is so true. It’s a trap that big-market teams with big payrolls can fall into, and Amaro fell right in. Instead of starting the rebuilding process he has stubbornly refused and signed several older players who will not fit into the rebuilding process that will inevitably start some time this year. It’s understandable, because it’s hard to justify a team with such a large payroll starting over, but it’s something that had to be done. Amaro has been quoted as saying that’s his job to put a contender on the field. He has taken heat for that, because it’s not true. Yes, the overall goal is to win games, but you have to recognize when that is no longer a reality and that it’s time to rebuild.

I don’t know if I would go as far as the guy did about Dom Brown, though. I think the jury is still out on him. 35 home runs might be a reach.

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