The Giles Watch

No, not Bill Giles, but that Ken Giles down in AA. The other day I wrote about some fans beginning to make noise about bringing the guy up. He gets a little more attention because he can throw 100 mph, or even more. I wrote that it is too early to bring him up because this is his first year in AA and he hasn’t even pitched more than 10 innings. However, he just got his fifth save and has not yet given up a run, not even an unearned run. Control has always been his issue, like many power pitchers, but it’s not been a problem this year. Six innings pitched, 14 strikeouts and two walks. Even Ruben said today he would have to “think” about bringing Giles up this season. Of course, that could mean anything. I’m sure Ruben has to think about a lot of things, even if a players on-base percentage is not one of them. If this does happen at some point, then he would be replacing one of the righties in the pen, obviously. That would not be Papelbon, but one of the other guys, maybe Rosenberg, if he continues to make history (he was the first pitcher to face just three hitters and give up three home runs since 1914). Here’s another article about Giles and a call-up.

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