Most Dominant Pitching Season Ever?: Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson‘s 1968 season comes up a lot when people talk about the best season ever by a starter in the modern era. But is it the most dominant? Gibson was known for his intimidating demeanor on the mound and his 1968 season was incredible. Here are the stats:

W-L: 22-9

ERA: 1.12 (How could he possible have lost 9 games with this kind of ERA?!)

CG: 28 (That’s 28 complete games out of 34 starts, people)

SHO: 13 (that’s not a typo)

IP: 304.2

K/BB: 268/62

H/9: 5.8

ERA+: 258

WHIP: .853

WAR: 11.2

This really gives Pedro a run for his money. The ERA is just ridiculous as is the 13 shutouts. However, let’s remember that the 1968 season was the reason MLB lowered the mound 5 inches. The pitchers were totally dominating the batters. The National League batting average was .243 (kind of like the whole league was the 2014 Phillies). The slugging average was a very weak .341. The NL average team ERA was 2.99. This must be taken into account.

This is a very tough call. It’s so hard to ignore 13 shutouts when you are talking about the most dominant season ever. However, I am still going to give the SLIGHT edge to Pedro Martinez because of the era in which he pitched. The offense was off the charts compared to 1968. Martinez still holds onto the title belt.

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