MLB Draft

David Murphy of the Daily News covers the Phillies recent issues with the draft and compares them to the Cardinals. It is something that I and others have also done, but he goes into a bit more detail.  One thing he notes is that the Phillies have taken significantly more high school players than the Cardinals. It seemed to me that a lot of the Phillies early round choices have been high school players, so this confirms that. As I’ve said, I’m not necessarily against that but I think there is more risk. This is an idea that is also is supported by the sabermetric/Moneyball people.  Here’s another article about the Phillies and the draft that’s worth the read. It also mentions high school vs. college players. In the end, the Phillies just need to be better with their picks. They have not had a good run lately.

“Flash” Gordon has a son who is a high school shortstop and is predicted to be a first round pick. Here’s a neat article where Gordon praises the heck out of the Phillies organization about how well they treat the players. I have actually heard this time and time again from players over the years. That should continue, but their loyalty to aging players needs to be revisited. Regardless, it’s nice to hear.

I’d really like to see the Phillies take a pitcher in the first round, but they have needs all across the diamond, so really, they can go in any direction. Here is’s top 100 prospect list. I’ve seen articles they tie the Phillies to Aaron Nola and Sean Newcomb, two college pitchers. Just for the heck of it, here is an MLB mock draft.



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