“Now Stuff”

I know it’s been a couple of days since the draft, but I have some time now to post, so I thought I’d write about it. There certainly isn’t much about the big club to talk about. Going into the draft I, and others, were critical of how the Phillies seemed to take too many high school players; “high-ceiling” guys that have skills, but are raw.  In fact, David Murphy of the Daily News compared the Phillies and Cardinals and showed that the Cardinals have taken a significant number more college players than the Phillies. And we know how their team has been over the past ten years.

For this year’s draft, the team changed their tune. Even though they say it was just a coincidence, they went heavy on the college players. It probably wasn’t a coincidence, but it also probably wasn’t because of the criticism. They probably want to turn this team around sooner than later and wanted to take players who would be ready for the bigs in a short period of time.

Aaron Nola, the team’s first pick, is a great example. I will go on record to say that I really like this pick. Now, I know very little about the players in the draft, but from what I’ve read, this guy sounds like a sure thing. In fact, he could be in Philly as early as next year by some accounts. Of course, you never know what can happen with draft picks and prospects, but his strikeout to walk ration is very encouraging. Amaro says he has “now stuff”. If he has that down already, then that is most of the battle.

The best case scenario for the Phillies would be for both this guy and Biddle to make in to Philadelphia within the next two years. Biddle, though, continues to have a middling year in AA and Nola hasn’t thrown a pitch as a professional yet. Hopefully, though, we will be talking about this draft (in a good way) for years to come.

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