I’ll Drive Him to the Airport

Papelbon doesn’t have to call a cab or a limo to drive him to the airport if he gets traded, he just needs to call me. Last night Papelbon made it clear he would like to pitch for a contender.  While saying that, he may have slighted those teammates who say they want to stay (or at least say they are unsure if they want to leave) as David Murphy reports:

While it is always dangerous to judge a player by his remarks to reporters, it doesn’t get more self-centered than a guy who is in his third year in the organization essentially ridiculing his teammates for wanting to remain with the Phillies, a wish that both Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley have stated in recent weeks.

Of course, Murphy also writes that trading him won’t be as easy as Papelbon may think it would be unless the Phillies want to give him away and pay his whole salary. They tried something like that in the off-season and there were no takers. However, he has had an excellent year thus far, so there may be some takers out there. The problem is that rediculous contract that Amaro gave him a few years ago. As has been reported elsewhere, the era of high-paid closers is over, and that is exactly what Papelbon is. The contract he came here for is now going to make it harder for him to leave. Murphy also speculates about possible landing places for him in the above article. Here is another article about that from Corey Seidman.

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