They’ll Be Talking About Him For Years to Come

The title of this post is paraphrased from the Natural. Not a bad movie to quote when you are referring to one of the most talented players to play for the Phillies in decades. That player? Cliff Lee. Today, it was announced that Lee decided to try rehab his elbow instead of surgery. This most likely means that his career is over. Why? As it stated in the article, Lee has tried rehab twice already and it hasn’t worked. Surgery, as Lee has said in the past, will probably end his career. So what Lee is doing is trying one last thing to save his career.

While he didn’t quite match Halladay’s heights and consistency, he has had an excellent career. For Phillies fans, he will probably be most remembered for his excellent post-season in 2009, but 2011 is another standout when he and Halladay had two of the best years of their careers at the same time. Another great time was when he chose to play for the Phillies over the Yankees, signaling to the baseball world that Philadelphia was the place to be after decades of it not being that place. You can stroll down memory lane here.

It’s always sad when a great player reaches the end of his career, and maybe that won’t be the case with Lee, but it doesn’t look good. In case you want to reminisce, here is Lee on the mound against the Yankees in the 2009 World Series.

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