Nola Dominating

Aaron Nola is dominating AA over in Reading, as reported in the Daily News. This is not terribly surprising as he was a well-regarded first-round pick and was seen at that time as a fast riser who may reach the Majors quicker than others, but not have as high a ceiling. As I noted at the time, this is fine with me as the Phillies have had too many misses with “high-ceiling” guys. However, Nola is showing that he may be more than a number three pitcher starting pitcher in the big leagues (as I’ve seen some sources predict). Right now his WHIP is a miniscule .82 and he’s averaging only one walk per nine innings. If he can continue that (and there’s no reason to think he can’t as his control is his forte) he will have success in the Majors. He’s not a finesse pitcher either, like a David Buchannan or Tyler Cloyd before him. While not overpowering, his fastball registers in the low 90s, like Cliff Lee who had some success at the Major League level.

In that same article, Amaro states a promotion is not likely soon. And that is totally fine There’s no real rush as it is only May. If the Phillies are smart they will trade Aaron Harang (who is tearing up NL lineups) and Cole Hamels for prospects, then opening a door for Nola later in the season.

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